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As many of you I'm sure know HomeSeer 3 is now available for trial/purchase , albeit as a beta release. It all looks very promising but one significant issue is that plugins need re-writing for compatibility. I'm pleased to say that Michael McSharry (mcs) has been working away on the xAP plugin (mcsxAP) and has a free version available for download in this thread. (Please use the most recent version posted).
HS3 to HS2 to HS1 Interplay
As HS3 is new the lack of re-written plugins can be a bit of a problem and this thread addresses ways of replicating and realtime synching your HS2 devices in HS3 by using xAP. To do this you keep both HS2 and HS3 running , both with xAP plugins and HS3 can then be used with synchronised 'reflections' of all your HS plugin devices.

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