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This new release adds these new features:

  • Can run as a service
  • Supports integration with other systems using http, which works in a similar way to it's links with Switchboard and Floorplan.
  • Introduces the concept of people into the xAP enviroment
  • A persons presence is collected and merged from data from IM and Intranet Launchers. This is then simplified to Home,Work,Mobile,Unknown.
  • This presence is displayed in the interface and available on xAP as a BSC device.
  • Optionally, you can make this presence available on the web so you could add the info to a blog/website.
  • Can monitor an iCal calendar, Goolge Calendar for example.
  • Calendar info is made available over xAP as BSC.
  • Display and TTS alerts can be sent for presence changes and to alert on calendar reminders.

Available for download in the applications section on mi4.