Four 0.3 released

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This new update to the xAP chat bot adds a Twitter gateway. The previous version of Four had the ability to post to your Twitter announcements when you arrived home or at work. Now Four can forward display messages to a seperate Twitter account. Why you may ask! In Twitter you can follow other uses and can opt to receive accounts you follow as SMS. So with this you can now get display messages sent to your phone as SMS for free! But thats not all, you can also reply to the text message and talk to Four. You can do anything via text that you could do via the Four web page. Ask for a phone number from switchboard, check the weather, get device status from Floorplan even control Floorplan. There are two catches. Firstly you can only receive 250 SMS per week and secondly you must prepend replys with D<space>TWITTERUSER<space>message

Download from the applications section on